Neer Water Purification is an ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified company

       We offer total water solutions for industry, homes and commercial Integrating process technology, design engineering and project management capability, Project management and engineering infrastructure with a clear focus on water. We are up grading most advanced technologies we take up-to-end responsibility – Planning, integrating and managing water on supply, quantity, quality Discharge and environmental fronts. By creating quantifiable benefits for our customer, we demonstrate how efficient water management is a value investment. We have latest infrastructure and technical expertise to provide customized solutions for pure and healthy water at reasonable rates.
       Company with a vision for making the good healthy and happy family our mission. Is the 100% Quality& 100% satisfaction to the customers & excellent service.

" One call may fulfil your requirement "
       Water makes up 70-75% of the body weight of the average human being. A person can survive for up to 4 weeks without food but no longer than 3 days without water. Water performs many different functions inside the body. It forms the bulk of blood and tissue fluid and is therfore essential for tansporting nutrients, hormones and wasteproducts around the body. Water helps control the delicate balances of concentrations within the cells.
       Percentage of water making up tissues, organs, fluids and bone in the human body : Brain 75%, Heart 75%, Lungs 86%, Muscle 75%, Liver 85%, Kidney 83%, ...
" Please do not Compromise of your water, Because water is very important of your health "
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